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FFA Competes at National Convention

posted Nov 3, 2014, 12:08 PM by mwright@ecsdcards.com   [ updated Nov 3, 2014, 12:10 PM ]
Team Ag Sales:
The students on the team were: Erica Baier, Lexie Kliegl, Justin Hopp, and Cassie Bond. When the teams arrived, they were given four different scenarios of customers to sell to without any previous knowledge of the scenarios. In front of judges, the four teammates had to analyze each customer scenario in 20 minutes or less. The next part of the contest was to present within a 10 minute time limit to the same panel of judges their analysis and their reasoning behind it. The next component was the individual sale where students had to cold-call sell their products to a judge, under a time limit of 20 minutes. They were scored on not if they got the sale or not, but the sales techniques they used during the sale, and the effectiveness in which they used those techniques. The final component was the test portion. Students were given 45 minutes to take a test based on sales knowledge and sales principles, along with essay questions. 
The team as a whole made it in the top ten. They placed 7th out of a total 43 teams that were participating at the contest. Cassie Bond and Justin Hopp received gold ratings, and Lexie Kliegl and Erica Baier received silver ratings. Cassie Bond placed in the top ten for her individual score. She was the top 9th individual out of 160 individuals competing. Justin Hopp placed 40th, Erica Baier placed 56th, and Lexie Kliegl placed 83rd, all out of 160 individuals.

Horse Evaluation:
The students on the team were: Kendra Nemmers, Danielle Nemmers, and McKenna vonRentzell. On Wednesday, Kendra, Dani, and Mckenna each had to judge 8 different classes. . They judged 4 performance classes which were Hunter Under Saddle, Western Riding, Reining, and Western Pleasure. They also judged 4 halter classes which were Performance Mares, Performance Geldings, Hunter conformation, and Aged Geldings. After judging the classes they had to go take a test of their knowledge of horses. Right after they took their test, they went on to give their reasons. They had to give 4 sets of reasons on Hunter Under Saddle, Reining, Hunter conformation, and Performance Geldings. After reasons they were done for the day. As a team they had to do vital signs and a vet check on a live horse. After that they had to go back inside to do stations which was more about their horse knowledge. The last things they had to do in their contest was a scenario where they were given a story about a disease a horse has and they had to say what they would do, what the disease/problem was, and how to treat it. They were awarded a silver and were place 30th out of 48 different teams. As individuals McKenna was awarded with a Gold, Dani was awarded with a Silver, and Kendra was awarded with a Bronze.