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Gearing Up for Iowa Assessments

posted Jan 26, 2016, 6:18 AM by Kristin Sheffield

Students in grades 2-11 will begin taking the Iowa Assessments on February 2.  This state assessment both fulfills a state requirement and provides teachers with an additional data point to measure student learning. 

This year, all students will take the Reading, Math, and Science test, while students in grades 2-8 will also take the Computation test.  By reducing the number of tests taken, we hope to reduce students’ testing anxiety and frustrations, while maximizing the effort and focus expended by students during the testing sessions.

During testing week, parents should maintain a typical schedule and atmosphere at home, and make sure students get a sound sleep and healthy breakfast each day. As with all school activities and academics, students should be encouraged to do their personal best on each assessment.

As a district, we continue to strive for increased student growth, achievement and success in all areas.  This standardized test is just one piece of the puzzle that makes up the complete picture of a student’s capabilities, but it is an important one.  The state uses this assessment to measure the learning of our students, and it determines if our buildings are designated as a SINA school.  Additionally, this assessment can be used to compare our students’ learning with students from other districts.  

The attached charts, provided by Iowa Testing Programs, illustrate our students’ achievement on last year’s assessments, as well as the comparisons with other schools.

These reports, when used in conjunction with other assessments and data, help the district identify areas of strength and improvement in instruction and student learning.  

The district should receive 2015-2016 Iowa Assessment results by May 2016.  Parents will receive individual student achievement reports at that time as well.

Kristin Sheffield,
Jan 26, 2016, 6:18 AM