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Musicians Compete at Solo and Ensemble Contest

posted Apr 16, 2013, 8:51 AM by mwright@ecsdcards.com
Earlham High School vocal and band students competed in State Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday in Murray.  The results for students that competed in the vocal contests are:
3 Division "1" Ratings (Superior)
5 Division "2" Ratings (Excellent)
1 Division "3" Rating (Good)

Division I
Rebecca Johnson--Vocal Solo
Jordan Pohlman--Vocal Solo
Women's Vocal Ensemble
(Keely Edwards, Electra Roberts, Rebecca Johnson, Jordan Pohlman, Alex TeKippe, Jenette Follmer, Emilie Palmer)

Division II
Keely Edwards--Vocal Solo
Taelor Williamson--Vocal Solo
Rachel Follmer--Vocal Solo
Tim Logemann/Keely Edwards--Vocal Duet
Jenette Follmer/Rachel Follmer--Vocal Duet

Division III
Sadie Logemann--Vocal Solo

The results for the students that competed in the band contests are:
8 Division "1" Ratings (Superior)
6 Division "2" Ratings (Excellent)

Sarah Smith and Zach Howarth received a perfect score and Best of Center for their Marimba Duet.

Division II ratings
Arianna Brightman
Rachel Follmer,
Alexa Marsh
Jacob Ladwig
Katie Steward
Matthew Johll
Jessie Igarashi
Brenna Rice
Division I ratings: 
Zach Howarth
Michael Woolcott
Rebecca Johnson
Noah Wright
Tiffany Smith
Cole Ridgely
Sarah Smith
Chris Evans