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Musicians Compete at Solo and Ensemble Contest

posted Apr 16, 2013, 8:51 AM by Michael Wright
Earlham High School vocal and band students competed in State Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday in Murray.  The results for students that competed in the vocal contests are:
3 Division "1" Ratings (Superior)
5 Division "2" Ratings (Excellent)
1 Division "3" Rating (Good)

Division I
Rebecca Johnson--Vocal Solo
Jordan Pohlman--Vocal Solo
Women's Vocal Ensemble
(Keely Edwards, Electra Roberts, Rebecca Johnson, Jordan Pohlman, Alex TeKippe, Jenette Follmer, Emilie Palmer)

Division II
Keely Edwards--Vocal Solo
Taelor Williamson--Vocal Solo
Rachel Follmer--Vocal Solo
Tim Logemann/Keely Edwards--Vocal Duet
Jenette Follmer/Rachel Follmer--Vocal Duet

Division III
Sadie Logemann--Vocal Solo

The results for the students that competed in the band contests are:
8 Division "1" Ratings (Superior)
6 Division "2" Ratings (Excellent)

Sarah Smith and Zach Howarth received a perfect score and Best of Center for their Marimba Duet.

Division II ratings
Arianna Brightman
Rachel Follmer,
Alexa Marsh
Jacob Ladwig
Katie Steward
Matthew Johll
Jessie Igarashi
Brenna Rice
Division I ratings: 
Zach Howarth
Michael Woolcott
Rebecca Johnson
Noah Wright
Tiffany Smith
Cole Ridgely
Sarah Smith
Chris Evans