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Track and Football Field Project

posted Aug 2, 2012, 7:29 AM by mwright@ecsdcards.com
As I am certain most people have noticed, the Track and Football Field project is making great progress and I am optimistic that it will be completed in a timely manner.  I have noticed that especially since the fence along the south end of the construction area has been taken down, many people have entered to take "a closer look" at what is happening.  

As the project comes to a critical juncture, I am asking everyone to please stay out of the construction site from now until completion.  In a few days, the in-fill for the football field will be raked in and the track surfacing will be going down as well as the painting of the lines.  There will probably be a lot more people working on the site than have been recently and I want to make sure everyone is safe.  In addition, I don't want someone to enter the site and damage something that could cause a delay in progress or for work to need to be redone.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.