1000 Series - Community Relations

 Policy No.Policy Title 
 1000 Principles and Objectives for Community Relations
 1002.4Activity Pass 
 1002.5Visitors to School District Buildings and Sites 
 1003.1Participation in Community Life 
 1003.4Examination of School District Public Records 
 1003.5News Media Relations 
 1003.6New Conferences and Interviews 
 1003.7News Releases 
 1003.8Live Broadcast or Videotaping 
 1003.9School-Community Groups 
 1003.10Community Resource persons and Volunteers 
 1003.11Public Conduct on School Premises 
 1003.12Distribution of Materials 
 1003.12RDistribution of Materials Regulation 
 1003.13Advertising and Promotion 
 1003.14Donation of Chemicals 
 1003.15Electronic Devices 
 1004.1Community Use of School District Facilities 
 1004.1R3Community Use Regulations and Fees 
 1004.2Rental Application 
 1004.3Rental Contract 
 1004.5Gratuities to Personnel 
 1004.6Loan of School Equipment 
 1004.6RAdministrative Procedures for Determining and Allowing the Use of District Resources or Services
 1004.9Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Free Environment 
 1005.1Public Performances by Students 
 1005.2Contests for Students 
 1005.3Sales Promotions Prohibited