200 Series - Board of Education

 Policy No.Policy Title
 200Statement of Guiding Principles
200.1 Organization of Board of Directors 
 201.1Name of School District 
 201.2Legal Status of Board 
 201.3General Responsibilities & Duties 
 201.4School District Elections 
 201.6Term of Office 
 201.8Board Vacancies 
 202.1Code of Ethics 
 202.3Vice President 
 202.4School Board Secretary/Treasurer 
 202.6Board of Directors Conflict of Interest 
 202.8Oath of Office 
 203.1Development of Policy 
 203.2Adoptions of Policy 
 203.3  Dissemination of Policy 
203.4Review and Revision of Policy
 203.5Suspension of Policy 
203.5.1Administration in the Absence of Policy 
 203.6School Improvement Advisory Committee 
 203.7Appointment of Committees 
 203.9Legal Counsel 
 203.11Review of Administrative Regulations 
 203.12Gifts to Board of Directors 
 204.1Regular Meetings 
 204.2Special Meetings 
 204.3Notification of Board Meetings 
 204.4Closed Meetings 
 204.5Annual Meetings 
204.6 Consent Agenda 
 204.7Quorum for Meetings 
 204.8Rules of Order 
204.8R Rules of Order Regulation 
 204.9Board Meeting Agenda 
 204.10General Complaints by Citizens 
 204.11School Board Minutes 
 204.12Public Participation at Board Meetings 
 205Board Member Liability 
 205.1Compensation for Expenses 
 205.2Membership in State & National Associations 
 211Open Meetings 
 214Public Hearings 
 216.2Board of Directors Member Development and Training