500 Series - Students

 Policy No.Policy Title 
 500.1Objectives for Equal Educational Opportunities for Students
 501.1Resident Students 
 501.1RResident Students Regulation 
 501.2Nonresident Students 
 501.3Compulsory Attendance 
 501.5Student Transfers In 
 501.6Student Transfers Out or Withdrawals
 501.7International Exchange Students
 501.8Open Enrollment Transfer Procedures as a Sending District 
 501.9Open Enrollment Transfer Procedures as a Receiving District 
 501.10Homeless Children and Youth 
 501.11Student Absences - Excused 
 501.12Truancy - Unexcused Absences 
 501.13Student Attendance Records 
 501.14Students of Legal Age 
 501.15Presence in the Building 
 501.16Senior Release 
 501.17Emergency School Closings 
 502.1Student Handbook 
 502.2Student Appearance 
 502.3Freedom of Expression 
 502.3.1Student Publications 
 502.3.1R   Student Publications Regulation 
 502.4Student Complaints and Grievances 
 502.5Student Lockers 
 502.6Care of School Property and Vandalism 
 502.7Motor Vehicles 
 502.7.1Use of Non-Motorized Vehicles 
 502.10Search and Seizure 
 502.10RSearch and Seizure Regulation 
 502.10ESearch and Seizure Checklist 
 502.11Student Access to Electronic Resources 
 502.11RStudent Access to Electronic Resources Regulation 
 502.12R1Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment Investigation Procedures 
 502.12E1Complaint Form - Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment
 502.12E2Witness Disclosure Form - Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment
 502.12E3  Disposition of Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment Complaint Form
 502.13Attendance at Events Outside of School 
 502.14Student Release During School Hours 
 502.15School Day and Lunch Hour 
 503.1Student Conduct 
 503.3Due Process 
 503.4Corporal Punishment 
 503.5Good Conduct Rule 
 503.6Interview with Students 
 503.7Student Assault on an Employee 
 504.1Student Government 
 504.2Student Activity Program 
 504.3Interscholastic Competition 
 504.4Student Performances 
 504.5Two Activities During the Same Season 
 504.6Open Night 
 504.8Awards and Letters in Extracurricular Activities 
 504.9Student Organizations 
 504.10Internal Accounts 
 504.11Student Fundraising 
 505.1Student Academic Progress Monitoring and Conferences 
 505.2Parental and Family Engagement 
 505.3Student Promotion-Retention 
 505.4Testing Program 
 506.1Students Record Access 
 506.2Student Information Database 
 506.3Student Photographs 
 506.4Student Library Circulation Records 
 507.1Communicable Diseases 
 507.2Student Illness or Injury at School 
 507.3Student Health Insurance 
 507.4Student Health and Immunization Certificates 
 507.5Emergency Plans and Drills 
 507.6Student Special Health Services 
 507.7Health Records 
 507.8 Administration of Medication to Students
 507.8E1 Authorization - Asthma or Other Airway Constricting Consent Form
 508.1Work Permits 
 508.2Disagreements about Custody and Parents Rights 
 508.3Social Events 
 508.5Class Size