800 Series - Business Operations

 Policy No.Policy Title
 800 Statement of Guiding Principles for Non Instructional Business Services
 801.3Publication of Annual Financial Statement 
 801.4Purchasing Policy 
 801.5Purchasing Supplies, Equipment & Services 
 801.6Payment for Goods & Services 
 801.8Payroll Periods
 801.9Payroll Deductions 
 801.10Cash in School Building 
 801.11Financial Records 
 801.12Local-State-Federal-Misc Revenue 
 801.14Budget Planning 
 801.15Spending Plan 
 801.18Student Activities Fund 
 801.19Secretary's Report 
 801.20Board Treasurers Annual Report 
 801.23Insurance Program 
 802.1Depository of Funds 
 802.3Bonds for Officers and Employees 
 802.6  Internal Controls
 802.7 Debt Management Policy
 802.8Transfer of Funds 
 802.10Fixed Assets Management System 
 802.11Inventory and Valuation of Intangible Assets 
 802.12GASB 54 Fund Balance Reporting 
 803.8Care, Maintenance & Disposal of School District Records